What services do King Care® offer?

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King Care® provides a multitude of services, all aimed at helping your King Living furniture maintain its premium look and feel over the years.

  1. Recovering and Refurbishing

At King Care, we understand that sometimes, your furniture might need a refresh. That's why we offer an in-home recovering service that enables you to get new covers in your choice of fabric or leather, delivered and refitted right in your living room. The service is offered for select King Living sofas, chairs, and beds, and provides a cost-effective alternative to full reupholstery.

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  1. Professional Cleaning

In partnership with Premium Surface Protection, King Care® offers professional in-home cleaning for all King soft furnishings, including leather items and rugs. Premium Surface Protection tailors each treatment to the fibre composition and level and type of soiling, ensuring optimal results.

The cleaning products used are industry-accredited, environmentally safe, non-allergenic, and non-toxic. Plus, they offer specialised stain removal for those stubborn spots that refuse to disappear.

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  1. King Care In-home Services

Our King Care team is always ready to offer support and advice to help you maintain and refresh your furniture. Most of our services can be performed in your home, minimising any inconvenience and downtime.

For further inquiries about KingCare services, please contact out King Care Team on 1300 546 422.


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